AMS Interior Design 3D V5.0 Full Version

AMS Interior Design 3D V5.0 Full Version (Repack & Portable) is a handy program for redevelopment and creating your own apartment design project. Allows you to save up to 30% of the time and money in the repair: you will accurately represent the appearance of all the rooms after the repair, you can successfully arrange furniture and appliances. The product includes more than 120 embedded finishing materials (various types of wallpaper, laminate, parquet, linoleum, tile, etc.).

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Download AMS Interior Design 3D Full Version

Convenient layout of your apartment. 
Do you want to make redevelopment in your apartment or office and immediately see what comes of it? The program “Interior Design 3D” will help you to create a detailed floor plan in accordance with its actual size. With a simple mouse movement, select the perfect arrangement of furniture and harmonious colors not only in one room, but also in the whole apartment. See the appearance of the interior in three-dimensional form, and then edit. Developing an interior design has never been so easy!

Furniture placement – in 5 minutes!
You no longer need to suffer, experimenting with the arrangement of furniture in the apartment. Now you can move the wardrobe from room to room, move the sofa or refrigerator by one click of the mouse. All you need to do is draw the room in accordance with the parameters, specify the size of the furniture and select the appropriate texture! The program for interior design will arrange virtual furniture with an accuracy of a millimeter, showing you on the panel the dimensions of objects and the distances between them.

3D design in real time.
Want to plan, where to put a new bed, or just bought a wardrobe? Nothing is easier! Set the desired size of the furniture and see what happened. The program for 3D interior design shows all the changes made in three-dimensional space and in real time. You can quickly change the location of objects, add new ones, adjust distances. The 3D model, if desired, can be expanded to full screen, turning the 3D composition in any angle!

Built-in set of typical layouts .
There is no desire to paint the apartment layout yourself? You can use a set of built-in layouts, which is constantly updated with the developers of the program. The program for interior design presents typical solutions from one-room to four-room apartments. Choose the appropriate version of the standard layout, which has already been done in compliance with all proportions and arrange the furniture, equipment and make the room to your liking.

Interior design – do it yourself.
Create an interior design, even if you have never been fond of design! The program for interior design has an extensive catalog of furniture and equipment for different types of premises, where you can choose the necessary objects. Not satisfied with the color? Change the fill and even the texture! At your disposal the most popular types of materials in different variants of completion: wood, stone, fabric, metal and more. With ease, you can change the wallpaper, flooring and walls, both from the inside and from the outside.

Save and print projects.
Agree, it is convenient when you can apply to the created project again and again to change and improve something. The 3D interior planner provides the ability to view and edit your projects. Made in the program for interior design prototypes of interiors can be printed, saved in typical layouts. You can also export your design option as a jpeg image or save it in PDF format.

Features repack AMS Interior Design 3D V5.0 Full Version:
1. Combined program installation or unpacking of the portable (PortableApps format) version
2. Does not require registration (patch kaktustv)
3. Picks up the external settings.reg settings file (if it is located next to the installer)


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Dual Core @ 1.60GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Hardisk free 2 GB

  • Download and extract this file “AMS Interior Design 3D V5.0 Full Version”
  • Install the program as usual with run “AMS Interior 3D 5.0.exe”
  • Done.