Dr. Folder Full Version

Dr. Folder Full Version (Repack & Portable) – helps to replace folder icons with alternative ones to make them more recognizable, as well as convert image files to ICO format. Of course, you can customize icons without using third-party programs, but this is a time consuming and lengthy process, which is one of the reasons why most people use standard Windows directory icons. Dr. Folder makes this task much easier, as it allows you to process several folders at the same time, and includes a rather extensive set of icons.

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Download Dr. Folder Full Version

Moreover, the program allows you to convert PNG, BMP, JPG and GIF images to ICO format. If you decide to make a certain directory more recognizable, you can launch this application and make it the classic way, but you also have the opportunity by right-clicking on it to select the context menu item Dr. Folder. In addition, you can add multiple directories and change all the icons in one operation. Of course, you can restore the original look of the folder at any time. Probably you have a lot of ideas on which photo to use for the folder icon, but they cannot be saved in ICO format. Dr. Folder includes several utilities that allow you to convert PNG, BMP, GIF or BMP files. In general, Dr. Folder is a stylish application for people who want to personalize their catalogs, but looking for a more convenient way to do it. The program is very easy to use and provides you with an extensive collection of icons.

The main features of the program Dr. Folder:
• Allows you to change the folder icon in the easiest way – with one click of the mouse.
• Ability to mark folders by priority (high, normal, low), by degree of completion
(done, half done, scheduled), by status (approved, rejected, pending) and type of information
contained in the folder (work files, important files, temporary files, personal files).
• Ability to change folder icons from the context menu. To change the folder icon,
You do not even need to run the program!
• Contains tabs of custom icons where you can add an unlimited number of your favorite icons.
• Ability to change the network folder icon. So you can set up a local network.

Features of repack Dr. Folder:
1. Combined installation in one distribution package or unpacking a portable (PortableApps format) version
2. Does not require registration (key)
3. Multilingual interface (including Russian)
4. Picks up the external settings.reg settings file (if it is located next to the installer)


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Dual Core @ 1.60GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Hardisk free 2 GB

  • Download and extract this file “Dr. Folder Full Version”
  • Install the program as usual with run “Dr. Folder”
  • Done.

Dr. Folder Full Version – [Google Drive] – 8 MB

Password if needs : www.unduhsoftware.com