Secure Eraser V5.1.0.0 Full Version

Secure Eraser V5.1.0.0 Full Version (Repack & Portable) – a program to completely remove data from the hard disk. Immediately after deleting the information, Secure Eraser several times overwrites the freed sectors with a derived character combination, which makes it almost impossible to restore it with programs designed for data recovery.
In addition to reliable deletion of data, the program allows you to clean the registry from unnecessary (obsolete) entries.
Secure Eraser uses several removal algorithms: US DoD 5220.22-ME, US DoD 5220.22-M ECE, Gutman’s algorithm.

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Download Secure Eraser Full Version

Features of the program Secure Eraser V5.1.0.0 Full Version:
• Delete confidential user information from the hard disk.
• High degree of reliability.
• Cleaning the registry of unnecessary entries.

Features of the Secure Eraser V5.1.0.0 Full Version repack:  
1. Combined program installation or unpacking of the portable (PortableApps format) version
2. Does not require registration (retail version)
3. Optional integration into the context menu of the Explorer and / or Recycle Bin
4. Multilingual interface (including Russian / ruslangxp /)
5. Picks up the external settings.reg settings file (if it is located next to the installer)


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Dual Core @ 1.60GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Hardisk free 2 GB

  • Download and extract this file “Secure Eraser V5.1.0.0 Full Version”
  • Install the program as usual with run “Secure Eraser”
  • Done.

Secure Eraser V5.1.0.0 Full Version – [Google Drive] – 4,8 MB

Password if needs :